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For me, minimalism started out as a way to downsize my wardrobe. My decluttering enthusiasm quickly turned from my closet to the rest of my house. It was a life changing experience and the rush of down sizing was invigorating.

But that feeling didn’t last. Clutter crept back into my life.

What had I done wrong? I wanted to be a minimalist, so why couldn’t I keep my house free of clutter?

When I started this blog in 2015, I was still deep into my clutter-clearing stage of minimalism. A few years later and now I’m stepping back to look at the motivations behind my behavior. My hope is, that by sharing what has worked for me, you’ll find some inspiration for  your own journey.

I now realize that minimalism isn’t just about owning less stuff. There are many types of clutter – from negative thoughts to social media overload to compulsive behavior.

I hope you enjoy reading through my posts, and I encourage you to comment on posts and join the conversation!

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