One Month Pinterest Challenge

CLEAR / minimal pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? If you are anything like me, you have a lot of aspirational pins that look nothing like your life. If you are even more like me, looking at all of those aspirational pins makes you feel a little bummed (okay, sometimes maybe a lot bummed) that your real life looks nothing like your Pinterest boards.

In the past, I have used Pinterest as a way to justify buying new clothes. I would pin capsule wardrobe checklists or OOTD from bloggers and notice which pieces I didn’t own. The rational was that my wardrobe would be complete if only I had… (insert any item of clothing here).

I’ve decided to reshape the way I use Pinterest. I like the concept of Pinterest and I want it to be a beneficial tool for me to discover cool new things on the internet, not something that makes me feel bad.

I’ve come up with a One Month Pinterest Challenge, and I hope you participate with me. The number one and only rule is this: For one month, you can only pin photos of outfits that you can recreate with your current wardrobe. The word “current” is key here, you can’t purchase anything in order to recreate an outfit.

Here are the intended outcomes of the One Month Pinterest Challenge:

  • Break out of an outfit rut and mix-up the pieces you already own
  • Feel more creative remixing the same pieces
  • Appreciate what you have now, instead of always looking for the new thing
  • Feel more contented
  • Make Pinterest work for you

Sound good? If you want to take part in the One Month Pinterest Challenge use #1monthpinterest so I can find you online!


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