20 Things To Do Instead of Shopping


I have a bad habit of shopping when I’m bored. At work, when I feel like I need a short break, I’ll browse online. I usually have no intention of buying anything and it’s just a huge waste of time. With two small kids, sometimes the only “me time” during the day is when I run errands, so I tend to browse the store slowly.

Shopping also plays into my personality trait of perfectionism. When I first discovered the concept of capsule wardrobes, I became obsessed with finding the essential pieces every capsule wardrobe needed. I would pour of wardrobe checklists and see where I was lacking, then I would spend hours trying to find the perfect piece to fill in the spaces. And you know what happened? I bought a tan trench coat and I never wear it. It was a huge waste of time.

To stop using shopping as a crutch when I’m bored, I’ve come up with a list of 20 things to do instead of shopping. I wanted some quick activities that could alleviate boredom and not require too much time out of my busy workdays. These are activities that fit into my lifestyle, but hopefully they inspire some ideas for you.

20 Things To Do Instead Of Shopping

  1. Read a daily affirmation and journal about it
  2. Meditate for 5 minutes
  3. Go for a short walk around the block
  4. Go for a long walk in a park or on a trail
  5. Do a 10K step challenge
  6. Get up and stretch
  7. Write a note to a loved one just to let them know you’re thinking about them
  8. Research and plan a new fun activity for the weekend
  9. Create or update your long-term bucket list
  10. Tend your office plants
  11. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee
  12. Meet a friend for lunch
  13. Bring a book to read at lunch and eat anywhere except your desk
  14. Take a break to read a long in-depth news story or blog post (no skimming)
  15. Spend 5 minutes tidying up your workspace
  16. Research a new recipe for dinner
  17. Do a photo-a-day challenge
  18. Write 5 super nice comments on your friends’ social media posts
  19. Write a blog post
  20. Create a new music playlist, then enjoy!

20 things to do instead of shopping

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