Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Without even trying, I created a Project 333 maternity capsule wardrobe. I realized this while reading Courtney Carver’s announcement about the next round of the wardrobe challenge starting on October 1. I’ve been thinking about creating a 33 item wardrobe while on maternity leave, which got me thinking about my current wardrobe.

This was my second pregnancy, and I remembered from the first time around which types of clothes were the most comfortable and what clothes I wore the most. After my first pregnancy, even though I was planning to have one more child, I donated all of the clothes that were uncomfortable or I didn’t want to wear the next time.

This time around, I purchased more dresses because I found them to be the most comfortable thing to wear with a growing belly. Also, this time I was familiar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, so I looked for basic items that I could mix and match.

I wasn’t trying to create a 33 item wardrobe, although I was aiming for a versatile maternity wardrobe knowing I wasn’t going to purchase a lot of pieces. My maternity wardrobe just happened to have less than 33 pieces, and I only used a few accessories.

Here are the 30 items I wore doing my last trimester. Most of my clothes are black, gray, or white. I added color with accessories. This meant my staple pieces could be worn more than once a week by switching the accessories or completer pieces.


1. Black dress
2. Gray dress
3. Chambray dress
4. Gray jersey dress
5. Black and white striped dress
6. Black maxi dress


7. Black maxi skirt
8. Gray jeans
9. Dark denim jeans
10. Denim jeans


11. Red and white scarf
12. Multi-color bead necklace
13. Simple gold necklace
14. Simple silver necklace
15. Silver stud earrings
16. Emerald stud earrings

Completer pieces:

17. Chambray shirt
18. Black cardigan
19. Green cardigan
20. Black, red and white cardigan
21. Cream cardigan


22. Gray maternity tank
23. Black and white striped tunic, short sleeve
24. Black and white striped tunic, long sleeve
25. Black, gray and white tunic, tank top
26. Blue and white striped tunic, tank top


27. Black ballet flats
28. Black sandals
29. Tan sandals


30. Tan purse

Here are a couple ways I mix and match basic outfits with accessories and completer pieces. I’ve found that good basics go a LONG way with a capsule wardrobe! 

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