Declutter Challenge | Basement

My mini-goal this week was to tackle the four storage areas in our basement. I was able to declutter our two walk-in closets, and I’m happy to report that these two closets are now walk-in-able (yes, that’s a word).

As I continue to discover, the majority of stuff in these two closets were things I threw in there when we moved in, telling myself that I would organize it all someday. Some things I was honestly surprised to discover. A glass water pitcher that should have gone in the china hutch, a stash of metal water bottles, and a lot of items that I simply threw away. My toddler was excited to discover my husband’s childhood train set, which we kept.

I still need to declutter the catch-all storage area in the corner of the laundry room and the office closet. I will get to those next week.

I’m skipping my No Buy Challenge update this week, but I’ll be back with an update next Friday. Have a great holiday weekend!

You can see some of my decluttering successes on Instagram.


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