No Buy Challenge | Update 2

I’m chugging along with my No Buy Challenge, but feeling a little lukewarm about it. I guess I was looking for instant transformations, but I need to be more patient. 🙂

Week Two Recap

Without even realizing it until today when I was reviewing my No Buy Challenge rules for this post, I broke one of my rules. I purchased some M&Ms at the movies over the weekend. The rule about no junk food didn’t even cross my mind!

As I expected, take-out coffee continues to be my biggest challenge. I was expecting this habit to be tough to break, but it is annoying how often I think about it. Coffee addiction is real, people! For me, getting a take-out coffee is so quick and an easy treat. Not a treat because it’s rare (because, for me, it wasn’t), but something I do to spoil myself. I think this is why it’s been a little tough to let this habit go.

Lessons Learned

I need to watch out for habitual consumption, such as candy at the movies.

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