Declutter Challenge | Halfway

In the original post for my declutter challenge, I set a deadline of 10 weeks to declutter my house. My major goals are:

Declutter all bedroom closets and dressers
Declutter kitchen cupboards, drawers, and fridge
Clear off flat surfaces
Clean out garage
Declutter basement closets and storage areas

I started following the Living Well, Spending Less daily declutter challenge early in my 10 week challenge. I am not always able to find time each day for this challenge, but that’s why it works for me. When I have the time, I just pick up where I left off.

I’ve reached the halfway mark of the 10 week challenge, with 5 weeks left until October 1.


Bedroom closets and dressers are decluttered and organized. This was one of the most time consuming challenges, but also one of the most rewarding. I look into the closets and dresser drawers every day, so I see the benefits of my hard work every time I open them.

I have gone through the kitchen cupboards and drawers once, but I think I might need to do this one again. I’ve already spotted things that should be stored together but are currently in separate cupboards, and some of my organization might quickly become disorganized again because there is still too much stuff.


Sometimes I get frustrated with my husband for not sharing my enthusiasm for decluttering. I would say he’s supportive, just not enthusiastic or willing to help. I have to remind myself that I took on this project because it was important to me, and I can’t expect him to share my dedication.

I mentioned to my husband that I want to declutter the garage, and he pointed out that most of the items in the garage are his things (tools and sports equipment). I agreed, but mentioned that things are just thrown onto shelves or pushed up against the wall, and it wouldn’t hurt to organize things better. Plus, I have to look at the mess everyday when I get in and out of my car. He agreed it could be better organized, but he wants to go through everything and decided what to keep and what to toss. This might be a little bit of a battle.

Lessons Learned

It can be hard to admit that something you paid a lot for or something you used to love isn’t working for you anymore. You have to detach your mental expectations from the physical item.

You can see some of my decluttering successes on Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Declutter Challenge | Halfway

  1. I can’t wait to hear how you guys tackle the garage together! Clayton and I might run into a similar issue when I expand my reorganization to shared spaces that are under his domain like the entertainment center or his comic book collection in our office.
    Have you guys discussed your high-level goals or motivations for wanting to become a minimalist (less stress, more time and money to focus on experiences rather than things)? We did this when we first implemented a new savings plan, and it really helped us to work toward a shared goal rather than feeling like I was forcing him to do something or depriving him of what he wanted.


    1. After reading your comment over the weekend, I realized maybe I hadn’t done a good job sharing with my husband why I adopted this mission. So I shared this article with him (, highlighting one paragraph in particle:

      We have more time, more energy, more freedom, and more money to pursue what is most important to us. Owning less means less cleaning, less burden, less anxiety, and less stress each and every day. In short, we are freed to pursue our passions.

      We discussed the benefits, and he agreed they all sounded great. I promised to never get rid of something of his without asking first, and he promised to let some stored items go. We still haven’t gotten to the garage yet, but at least now we’re on the same page.

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  2. I hear you, Amy! I battle with the same challenge of the husband not sharing my enthusiasm in the process. But am confident that once he starts seeing the benefits of doing so, he will pitch in when I do the next round.


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