Declutter Challenge | Identifying Mind Clutter

Nothing but the Lightsource: Flickr icemanphotos

As I work to declutter my life from physical stuff, I’m starting to notice all of the other things that occupy my thoughts but don’t add value.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of junk e-mail I was receiving. I enjoy reading other blogs and shopping online, so I was receiving daily e-mails from a variety of sources. 99% of the time, I don’t bother to open these e-mails, I just automatically delete them. After another day of opening my inbox and being frustrated by the amount of junk e-mail I had to sort through, I decided to start unsubscribing from e-mail lists.

At first, it was easy to pick out which e-mails I wouldn’t miss. But I hung on to a few e-mails because I thought “I would like to read those if I had the time.” After several weeks of still receiving but never opening these e-mails, I finally was able to unsubscribe. If I like the company/blog/business enough, then I will look at their website the next time I need something from them.

Here are some things that were creating mind clutter that I’m working to eliminate:

E-mails – Unsubscribe from as many lists as possible. Keep editing!

Social media– Unfollow groups that post a lot. News-related groups are the worst offenders. I still follow groups that I think post interesting and positive items.

Let it go – I’ve been selling clothes, shoes, and accessories on eBay as part of the decluttering process. I noticed that I was constantly checking my eBay profile to see how many views my items were receiving, how many people were watching them, etc. This was taking up a lot of mind space that could be spent on more productive activities, so I’ve decided that if an item doesn’t sell, I will not relist it. Those items will be donated.

Stacks of paper – Granted, this is technically stuff, but it also takes up mind space. I know I need to address those papers later and I don’t want to forget about them, which is why they stay on my mind.

Paper clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.
~ Barbara Hemphill

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