No Buy Challenge

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As a reader of a variety of minimalist blogs, I’ve come across quite a few “no buy” challenges. If you’re not familiar with the challenge, a person sets a goal for themselves to not buy anything non-essential for a specific amount of time. The rules vary from person to person, but things like clothes, jewelry, furniture, magazines, books, meals out, and movie tickets are generally off limits.

I’ve decided to create my own no buy challenge, starting on my birthday (August 13) and lasting three months (November 13). There are a couple of reasons I’ve decided to create this challenge:

  1. Since I’m going through the effort to declutter my house, it makes sense not to fill the recently cleared space with new stuff.
  2. I have a serious take-out coffee habit. Even if I make my own to-go coffee at home, sometimes I find myself stopping to buy coffee on my way to work.
  3. We’re getting ready to welcome our second son into our lives, and I’d like to focus my energy on him rather than things.

My Rules

  • No shopping for clothes, accessories, shoes, or jewelry.
  • No books or magazines.
  • No take-out coffee.
  • No junk food: ice cream, cookies, or chips.
  • No stationery or pens (yes, this is a problem for me).
  • No new clothes for either son (their dresser drawers are already full).
  • No yarn.
  • No electronics or accessories.


  • Entertainment with friends and family. This is such a rare occurrence for me (toddler at home and full-time job), that this really is a treat for me.
  • Necessary items for nursery and baby. We still need some bedding items, diaper bin, etc. Luckily, we still have everything from when our first son was born, but some things he’s still using.
  • Dark chocolate bars. I am pregnant, after all! I’m really good about making one dark chocolate bar last several days.
  • If a major appliance breaks, we will replace it.
  • My beauty routine is already pretty minimal. If I run out of an item, I will replace that exact item.

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