Declutter Challenge | There’s Always More

source: death to stock photo

From the day we moved into our new home last fall, I’ve been consciously trying to declutter our home by getting rid of unnecessary items. I’ve donated extra silverware, tons of clothes, and old glassware. My husband and I worked together to recycle old paint cans, metal items, and yard waste (we decluttered the backyard by removing dying shrubs). I threw away shoe boxes full of old notes from middle school and high school, towels with holes, and lumpy pillows.

What continues to surprise me is, there’s always more.

Last week, I started a daily clutter free challenge organized by Living Well, Spending Less. This challenge works well for me because I’m busy with work and family and daily house cleaning. The challenge lets me focus on one area per day. I don’t feel overwhelmed and I look forward to organizing a new area each day.

On the first day, I organized the entryway and closet. It only took me about 10 minutes, so I also decided to collect all of my vases and put the ones I want to keep in the hutch. I was surprised that I was able to put five vases in the donate pile, even after editing my collection when we moved into the house.

Today’s challenge is books and magazines. I love reading books, but I most frequently borrow books from the library. Even still, I have a big box full of books in the basement that are collecting dust. As I go through my books tonight, I’m going to remind myself that the books would be put to better use if someone else got to enjoy them. I’ll keep a few, but I plan to donate the majority.

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